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InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

interserver review: When it comes web hosting monthly billing, choosing the right web host will determine how fast your website loads and how easy it will rank on google. If something is important these days for any kind of company is maintaining their presence online. This is nowadays’ top requirement for being competitive in the market as digital advertising is gaining more strength than traditional publicity. One of the main keys to being able to be online is having a good web hosting monthly billing company.

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web hosting monthly billing

Web hosting is what keeps our website active for anyone who visits it, and according to the quality and type of web hosting we have, it’s possible to manage more traffic or create a more sophisticated website, etc.

When it comes to starting up a new business website, the best option is to hire a company that offers the service of web hosting with monthly billing, which is the most affordable option. This way, web hosting payments are not a big headache and become more manageable.

That’s why, thinking of the best quality service for web hosting monthly billing, we want to review one of the best online services company that offers a lot of options not only in web hosting but in some other digital solutions and business opportunities. Interserver is without a doubt one of the best options in the market and here’s why.

Interserver Review and how does it work?

Interserver is one of the most antique web solutions companies that has evolved alongside with technology to keep up bringing quality hosting services up to our days. Actually, it was founded in 1999 so Interserver has been active and top of the line for about 19 years now. That’s experience and reliability, two qualities we’re definitely looking for in our online services.

With monthly billing plans that are affordable for anyone and VIP plans, this company points to help new entrepreneurs to find their, way to the top, while still providing for “Fortune 500” companies around the world.

interserver review

Interserver offers appealing features such as unlimited data storage and transfer with a really friendly control panel and +300 cloud apps including WordPress in their standard web hosting plan and also offer all types of hosting; VPS, Quick servers, Dedicated servers and even reseller hosting option.

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But that’s not it, Interserver also offers other commodities as the option of an affiliate plan for earning an extra income, 30 days guarantee for their products and one of the best technical support in the market. And of course, they also offer the colocation service for the hardware.

And if all those years of experience are not reliable enough, then it’s important to highlight they are uptime guaranteed and even allow price locking for your services. Finally, Interserver only commercializes with the 50% of their resources. This way, they maintain all the domains with a good performance while their own performance is unaffected.

Actually, Interserver is one of the most complete web hosting companies, guess that’s why it’s been able to be among the top ones all these years so, let’s check their services.

interserver Web Hosting Review Services?

Standard web hosting

  • Free website migration: this is without a doubt one of the best features of this plan. For making this process a little bit less scary, the company experts migrate all the data on your existing hosting service to your Interserver account for FREE. This option is very relaxing because they actually manage all open sources applications including custom applications and will back up all your content, schedule the moment to move and everything, without you having to worry at all.
  • Affordable domain registration: with any web hostage package that you purchase, you can transfer your domain for only $1.99.
  • Private datacenter: Interserver owns their data center and gives support 24/7 hours.
  • Quality hardware internally designed.
  • Easy to use control panel for managing everything in an easy way.
  • SSD enhanced servers: hardware raid 10 servers.
  • SSD SQL offloading: Ultra-fast SSD drives for storing SQL data.
  • Change your plan without downtime: interserver has developed a no downtime migration progress which allows any client to migrate from standard web hosting to VPN, etc without having to be offline.
  • Payment: the web hosting service is paid by monthly billing for 5%.
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts, data transfer, and storage space.

This is the best web hosting monthly billing package i recommend.

Cloud VPS

  • Arrange hundreds of cloud apps including WordPress, Cubecart, penguin, etc.
  • Also includes free migration service with no downtime and easy escalation to upper services.
  • From 30Gb to 240GB, the high-performance storage system offered in this plan works 20x faster than the standard for a much higher performance.
  • Instant activation: maybe the best feature on the VPS monthly billing web hostage service is that you can use your server the very moment you activate it, instead of waiting long periods to get online.
  • Install any software: this plan includes flexible software options for you to manage full root access and install any software you need.
  • Their management interface provides backups and snapshots, etc.
  • Easy control panel for adding RAM or scaling without effort.
  • $6 for Linux and $10 for Windows on monthly billing.

Quick servers

  • An in-between VPS and dedicated servers.
  • The main feature of these servers is that they offer the resources of a dedicated server but are set up in 20 minutes.
  • Online access to their management system where you can find reboots, reinstalls, out of band console access, etc.
  • Full control with no long-term contract and a really affordable price.
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • 10mb to 1Gb port.
  • 10Tb transfer.
  • You can find this solution starting at $50 of monthly billing web hosting.

Dedicated server

  • The best monthly billing web hosting services all resources and hardware are dedicated to one user.
  • Customizable server
  • 4-hour provisioning for activating it, one of the quickest in the market for this kind of solution.
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • No fees for set up.
  • Port: 100mb or 1Gb
  • Managed support and free migration service.
  • One of the most affordable, high-quality web hosting service with monthly billing as you can find the cheapest plan as low as 39$.

Colocation service

The colocation of the web hosting hardware is also one of the most affordable while offering 24/7 access, roof rights, UPS, and generator back up and always the best service with friendly an efficient people always willing to help.

Web hosting reseller

Interserver also offers users the option of creating their own web hosting business by selling them a percentage of the storage space so they can resell them to other startup users. They offer the possibility of accessing their system via the web so you can manage your accounts any moment. Also, Interserver offers to protect their partners by making daily backups to any data.


What to take into consideration when choosing a monthly billing web hosting service?

Not all services are for all websites

Choosing big names at first sight, might not be the right solution for every website. Why is that? Because some web hosting services are specially designed for high-traffic websites and therefore the services they offer are not only superb but also really expensive. An excellent feature about Interserver in this matter is that they actually have plans for all kinds of customers.

Determine your real needs

We also think about getting the best quality services or products at the lowest cost possible right? Yes, but sometimes top quality services simply surpass our needs and end up meaning more expenses than solutions. That’s why you should ask the real necessities of your website and hire a plan according. In this matter, Interserver offers a completely customizable web hosting monthly billing service that allows you to pay for what you need while billing monthly so you can scale or stop at any moment you want.

Third parties reviews

It’s always important to check on what others have to say about a web hosting company. This is because their experience will be the best proof. Always make sure to check the review section of any web solutions provider. Well, we think 19 years of good reviews and clients speak for themselves.

What to look for?

  • Uptime, remember no one can give 100%
  • Speed: a great website is nothing if it takes centuries to load.
  • Support: how much they take to give you an answer when a hosting problem appears?

Interserver counts with more than 99% of uptime (and once again, it’s been up for 19 years!) with Ultra-fast servers and a 24/7 support owned by the company.

Call technical support before

Test the web hosting company technical support before you hire them; be a little bit annoying and slow, ask a lot of questions and see how they respond. Remember these are the people that are holding the life of your business and you need to deal with them frequently. Interserver support is the best you can ever use. I have used a few hosting from certain host providers and truth is i have not seen any support as perfect as interserver. They literally reply your emails instantly and there live chat is very fast.

Interserver Review 2018

From daily backups to security protocols, a web hosting company needs to provide a safe environment for your data. Interserver has been supporting webs safely since 1999.

Advantages of Interserver web hosting provider

  • Monthly Billing web hosting: allows users to manage easily their payments and make the web hosting plans more affordable. At the same time, this facilitates the migrating process at any moment the customer wants.
  • Offers all kinds of services for any web hosting need with customizable plans that are directed to exceed customer’s expectation.
  • They own their hardware accommodation buildings so everything is out of the hands of third parties of any kind.
  • They have a great experience in the web hosting market and have developed technology at the same time it evolved.
  • They can offer cheap solutions for start-ups with a great quality service and at the same time, they offer premium solutions for big companies.
  • They only use the 50% of their resources so the other half, keep them at optimum performance all the time.
  • They offer some opportunities for earning extra money by reselling their web hosting storage and also with an affiliate plan.
  • They own the database so every piece of information is always at hand for their technical support which works at 24/7
  • All their plans offer free migration process without having to wait for a downtime.
  • Uptime of more than 99%
  • 30 days guarantee for all their plans.
  • Intershield protection
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts, storage and data transfer for all their plans.
  • Clearly a simple plans for an easy understanding
  • Physical and cloud servers options.
  • Last year they won a prize for “Great User Experience” at 2017 Finances Online award.
  • No exit fees or long-term contracts.
  • Great hosting performance.

InterServer Disadvantages

  • Free domain is not included though is very cheap.
  • Windows servers don’t include the control panel.
  • They’ve limited the amount of daily new users that can join their services. The argument is to avoid overwhelm on the system and being able to keep uptime.
  • The limit of resources for every shared hosting account is 20%.
  • The VPS plan can be a little bit complicated to manage. Even though users have total access to the control panel, the user will need some knowledge about curves and setup process.

Conclussion on my interserver review

Even though the quality of InterServer is superior than most of mainstream web hosting services, and taking in consideration that it’s a 19 years old company, they haven’t hit the top popularity for becoming a mainstream name.

While some may look at that as ac curiosity, the truth is that it might actually be a real advantage since they can manage to maintain the service to the limited amount of users they have. Maybe that’s also a reason why they limited their daily subscription.

Nevertheless, all the options and services Interserver has to offer and all the advantages on monthly billing web hosting, with physical and cloud servers, makes this company the place where new or established websites can find real quality options to match all their hosting needs.

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InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

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